Ceramic foam filters in the foundry industry

Ceramic foam filters in the foundry industry

Typical industrial use of a ceramic foam filter in a filter box, which is installed in the metal transfer line from the melting furnace to the dispensing furnace or casting unit, shown in the figures 4 and 5.


In the gutters

At large enterprises, aluminum is filtered during continuous or semi-continuous processing from several tons to hundreds of tons of liquid aluminum. This requires large area filters., which are installed in the system for transferring the melt from the melting or holding furnace to the casting equipment (Figure 6).


Filter Filling Bowl

When pouring molten metal, a simple thermally insulated pouring bowl system with filter can be used (Figure 7). This filter is for filtering. 100-500 kg of molten aluminum. If the filter is designed for only one casting, then the pouring bowl itself can be used for several dozen pouring operations [3].


Partition filter baffles

Filter baffles in transfer furnaces are usually the most efficient way to apply filtering to casting workshops.. The filter is installed in the chamber of the transfer furnace in the form of a partition, which separates the compartment for the intake of the melt from the rest of the furnace volume (figure 8). In the case of crucible furnaces, this filter baffle is U-shaped. An optimally selected filter can filter out several hundred tons of molten metal over its life. Its replacement is carried out during the scheduled maintenance of the refractory lining of the furnace [3].


Gating system filtration

The best results when filtering liquid aluminum are achieved then, when the filter is placed directly in the gate system, which serves for casting a cast product (figure 9). These filters are disposable..

Gating Filtration

Direct casting through a sprue bowl, in which the filter is installed, may apply, for example, for gravity sand casting. This method applies circular filters (Figure 10).

Figure 10 - Disposable ceramic filters in the sprue bowl [3]

Filtration on injection molding machines

In the case of low pressure casting technology, the gating system is a metal or ceramic pipe (Figure 11). Instead of a disposable filter mesh, a special round ceramic foam filter is installed in it (Figure 12).

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